Vice Chancellor of Karachi University: Four candidates are in race

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KARACHI Oct 28,2021

The Higher Education Commission has verified that four out of eight candidates for the post of Vice Chancellor of Karachi University have 25 or more research papers.

The process was initiated for the appointment of a permanent Vice Chancellor of the Karachi University two and a half years later. Candidates for the post of Vice Chancellor of Karachi University are expected to be interviewed next month.

The number of research papers published in the HEC-approved journals of the remaining four candidates for the post of Karachi University were found less than 25. Thus, candidates for the Vice-Chancellor office in race are included the incumbent Acting Vice Chancellor, Dr. Khalid Iraqi and Dr. Jamil Kazmi.

Karachi University lost its permanent vice chancellor when Dr. Ajmal Khan suffered a heart attack in May 2019 and Khaliq Iraqi was appointed as acting VC.

Last time the search committee had given the first number to the late Dr. Ajmal, the second to Dr. Khalid Iraqi and the third to Dr. Fateh Barfat. According to this ranking Dr. Ajmal was made the Vice Chancellor of Karachi University. During this time, Dr. Fateh Barfat became the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sindh.

During recent process, due to the error of the Department Boards and Universities for the VC of Karachi University, the matter went to court for placing two advertisements at intervals and the number of research papers was made 15. The court ordered the appointment of a Vice Chancellor of Karachi University in the light of the first advertisement, after which the research papers were sent to higher education for verification. However, this work and the court decision took two and a half years.

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Now 25 research papers of four candidates have been verified by HEC and the four candidates are likely to be called for interview by the search committee next month.

It may be recalled that the search committee had accepted 8 out of 13 applications received for the post of Vice Chancellor of Karachi University.

Among them are current Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, former Vice Chancellor of Sindh University Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, Dean of Law University Dr. Rukhsar Ahmed, former Dean of Karachi University of Social Sciences Dr. Monis Ahmar, former Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Arif Kamal, former Vice Chancellor of Shah Latif University Khairpur University Dr. Yousuf Kushk, Dr. Jamil Kazmi and Dr. Pirzada Jamal.

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