Educationists demand innovative steps in Thar to provide a level playing with other parts of Pakistan 

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Educationists demand innovative steps in Thar to provide a level playing with other parts of Pakistan 

Mithi (April 30) Innovative steps for inclusive education in Thar are demanded to overcome the gaps and provide a level playing field to compete with other parts of Pakistan.

Thar, a region with its own unique challenges, requires a multifaceted approach that addresses various aspects of accessibility, infrastructure and community involvement and for that some innovative ways and means are required to promote inclusive education in Thar: Educationists shared their views during an awareness raising event organized at Arnaro by AWARE with collaboration of Education Department Government of Sindh.
Arbab Khalid Mustafa Deputy District Education Officer said that for improving inclusive education in Thar, a region with its own unique challenges, requires a multifaceted approach that addresses various aspects of accessibility, infrastructure and community involvement, so contribution of all stakeholders is essential to promote quality education in area and get competed with students of other parts of Pakistan.

Din Muhammad Dars a role model and expert in digital literacy from Tharparkar highlighted that this is very difficult for Thari students under conventional educational system to complete with the mainstream education system, so integration of technology into the learning process is need of hour. By providing students with access to digital resources, e-learning platforms, and assistive technologies, the gap can be fulfilled. Technology can help overcome barriers related to distance, mobility, and resource constraints, enabling students to access quality education regardless of their location, he added.

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Thar Education innovative steps

AWARE is pioneer of providing solar powered computers in rural areas of Tharparkar and I am the student of first batch of such school which is in off grid area, now I am earning more than five lacs a month through online platforms, so for promoting inclusive education in Thar, stakeholders should take innovative measures and don’t rely on conventional methods, Dars expressed during presenting his case study.

Aneel Kumar a representative District Education Officer said that science stalls exhibited by students of Government schools is an encouraging indicator and collaboration between schools, parents, and NGOs to create a supportive environment for inclusive education, is essential. Education Department seeks partnership with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society groups, and international agencies to leverage resources, expertise, and networks in support of inclusive education initiatives in Thar.
Ali Akbar Rahimoo said that children of Thar are much talented than the other parts of our country but they need some innovative ways and means to get equipped with needs of current education system. The initiative of Sindh Government for hiring teachers on merit is appreciable but at the same time provision of basic facilities which contribute in creating enabling environment for teaching and learning are equally important, so in case of Thar some innovative measures are needed. AWARE provided solar powered computers, libraries, WASH facilities and furniture to 86 Govt schools in Tharparkar, so far. Along physical infrastructure, teachers’ trainings are imparted, by experiencing such initiatives we are assure that Thar can make significant strides towards creating a more inclusive and equitable education system that ensures every child has the opportunity to learn and thrive, regardless of their background or ability, he added.

Meghan Das, a role model teacher said that in Tharparkar district, schools often lack basic facilities that are crucial for providing quality education. Lack of textbooks, teaching materials, and educational aids can hinder effective teaching and learning, so stakeholders should focus on such aspects.

Lal Muhamamd Mangrio, a philanthropist said that addressing deficiencies in schools require concerted efforts from government authorities, NGOs, and other stakeholders to ensure that all children have access to quality education in Tharparkar and similar underserved regions.

On the occasion, Salam Dharejo, Nusrat Bano, Maghan, Imtiaz Noor Kunbhar, Dr. Rahib Jalalani and others highlighted that AWARE and TDH have contributed in improving school infrastructure in Tharparkar, ensuring that students have access to safe and conducive learning environments and the science models presented at event and speeches by students are evident that the efforts taken are yielding results.

There were 17 science models displayed by students of different Govt schools. Three best science model presenters were awarded with appreciation shields. Whereas best teacher, best SMC and best schools’ awards given to deserving ones on the occasion. Digital literacy initiative award was given to Din Muhammad Dars who is a pioneer in this field from Thar. Whereas two young online earners from Thar; Mukesh Kumar Suthar and Sagar Devrajani were also awarded with appreciation certificates.

The event was organized by Association for Water, Applied Education & Renewable Energy (AWARE), an organization that has been working towards promoting quality education and sustainable development in Tharparkar district, Sindh, Pakistan. For three years project the financial assistance was provided by terre des hommes-TDH Germany and under this project, focus was on addressing the challenges faced by the education sector in the region and promoting access to quality education for all children, especially those from marginalized communities along some resilience against drought building measures.