Friendship on PUB-G: girl from Karachi gang raped in Lahore

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LAHORE Nov 30, 2021 – A girl from Karachi who came to Lahore for marriage with a resident of Lahore became a victim of sexual abuse through Pub-G Game.

The accused Haris kept abusing her in a hotel for 3 days and dropped her at railway station, police said.

According to police, two persons took away the girl from the railway station under the guise of getting a job and kept on being subjected to gang rape in a guest house.

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The North Cantonment Police Station registered a case against 5 persons and started searching for them.

Later, the rape case took a new turn. According to police sources, the complainant girl said that the incident was the result of a misunderstanding.

The girl is a resident of Quetta Town, Karachi, and befriended Haris, a Lahore resident, through PubG Game, who tricked her into marriage and invited her to Lahore.

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When she reached Lahore, Haris took her to a hotel where she refused to marry him after being raped for three days, then left the train station and disappeared. At the railway station, she was tricked by two men, Hassan and Waheed, who took her to a bungalow on Sarwar Road, outside which board for an advocate was placed.

 The two accused Hassan and Waheed also called two more persons Sajjad and Abdul Wahab and gang raped the girl. The girl ran away barefoot from the bungalow.