Zardari holds assurance to PML-Q and MQM

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PPP not to go in alliance with PTI in elections: Zardari

ISLAMABAD, March 13,2022 – PPP supremo Asif  Ali Zardari has assured the the two coalition partners of PTI –  PML-Q and MQM to fulfill their demands,  so that they can support the opposition in no-confidence motion.

Asif Zardari played an important role in holding meetings between the PML-N and the PML-Q and assured Choudhry Brothers that the PML-N would take care of their demands.

MQM’s tougher demands 

Though MQM has made hard demands, but Asif Ali Zardari has also held assurance to the leadership of MQM that their demands will be fulfilled for winning the support its support in no confidence motion.

The MQM’s demands included to entrust them the position of administer Karachi, implementation of the court decision on the Local bodies power, consultation with the MQM on delimitation, implementation 40% quota of jobs.

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The MQM has also demanded, opening its closed offices, withdrawal of case of its workers and allow them workers to return.

Asif Ali Zardari has assured to comply with the demands.

Meanwhile, Sindh Information Minister Saeed Ghani has said that the vote of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement is in urban areas, it should be acknowledged, MQM politicians should be given space.

Saeed Ghani said the MQM had demanded a 40 percent quota for jobs for urban Sindh and an powerful Local bodies system.