What role is Mahesh Hayat playing in ‘Miss Marvel’?

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What role is Mahesh Hayat playing in 'Miss Marvel'?

Leading Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has made an entry in the third installment of Disney’s web series ‘Miss Marvel’ based on Muslim superhero.

Tamgha –e- Imtiaz winner actress Mehwish Hayat has made her Hollywood debut from the web series ‘Miss Marvel’.

The first glimpse of the role of Mehwish has come to light in this series.

During the third episode of ‘Miss Marvel’, the actress was seen playing the role of Kamala Khan’s grandmother’s youth in a flashback.

In the episode, Mehwish as Aisha, who has come into the possession of the magical bangle which later enables Kamala to have powers. Aisha puts the bangle on and senses acquiring the powers.

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In episode two, we were introduced to Samina Ahmed’s character as Kamala’s Nani and Nimra’s role as Kamran’s mother, Najma.

In this role, Mehwish Hayat’s name is Ayesha while in the series, Pakistani-Canadian Iman Velani is playing the role of the first Pakistani and Muslim superhero of the franchise.

It is to be noted that apart from Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, three more famous directors Adeel Al Arabi, Bilal Falah and Indian-American Miraminan have given direction for this Marvel Studios TV series.

Miss Marvel premiered in Los Angeles on June 4 and was attended by Mehwish Hayat, Nimra Bucha, Samina Ahmed, Warda Aziz and Sagar Sheikh from Pakistan along with series director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.