Instalments in electricity bills will be  once a year 

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 Instalments in electricity bills will be  once a year 

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has revised its Consumer Service Manual for 2021, introducing a significant change in the payment structure for electricity bills.

As per the new amendment, consumers will now have the option to pay their electricity bills in installments only once during the financial year.

According to NEPRA’s announcement, consumers can make the first installment payment without any markup if it is done by the due date. However, a 14 percent markup will be applied to any subsequent installments. This adjustment aims to provide more flexibility in bill payments while ensuring timely payments.

The revised manual also stipulates that the extension for the payment of electricity bills can be arranged before the due date. This measure is directed at electricity distribution companies nationwide, including K-Electric, ensuring that all distribution companies comply with the new regulations.

This amendment is part of NEPRA’s ongoing efforts to improve consumer services and provide more manageable payment options for electricity consumers across the country.