Bilawal Bhutto expresses dissatisfaction  on Sindh Govt’s Performance

Bilawal - Murad Ali shah

Bilawal Bhutto expresses dissatisfaction  on Sindh Govt's Performance

KARACHI, June 5,2024: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has expressed his dissatisfaction with the Sindh government’s performance, citing a lack of diligence among ministers and assembly members despite their fifth consecutive electoral victory.

During a meeting of the People’s Party Sindh Parliamentary Party in Karachi, Bhutto emphasized the need for open courts to gather genuine public feedback, rather than relying on a select group of preferred individuals.

Bhutto highlighted the public’s disinterest in the legal troubles of the PTI founder, urging PPP ministers to focus on tangible work that reflects positively on their governance. He called for an end to the politics of transfers and postings, advocating for the appointment of competent officers to improve performance and service delivery.

Addressing the assembly, Bhutto stressed that any discredit brought to the government by underperforming officers should be addressed by MPs, and he urged the Chief Minister to ensure ministers’ punctuality and diligence. He shared his five-year plan with the Chief Minister, emphasizing the provision of solar power as a critical component.

Bhutto called for efficient resource management and criticized the lethargy he observed among elected representatives, urging them to engage more actively with the public. He emphasized that development schemes alone do not win elections; public opinion and visible results do.

Reiterating the importance of teamwork, Bhutto reminded his party members that they entered politics to serve the poor and stressed the need to fulfill promises, particularly addressing public issues and implementing five-year plans, such as the Mazdoor Card initiative. He expressed hope that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif would address these issues before the budget.

Bhutto also highlighted the damage to 50% of Sindh’s educational institutions due to floods, calling for federal financial support to address these challenges. He underscored the need to solve problems with limited resources and mentioned that the delay in the world’s largest housing project in Sindh was due to insufficient federal funding.

Concluding his remarks, Bhutto praised the Sindh Police for their past efforts against terrorism and expressed confidence in their ability to handle modern challenges. He reiterated that the public is not interested in divisive politics and called for legal resolution of the PTI founder’s cases.