Sonia Hussain, Sharmeen Obaid Chennai at loggerheads

Actress and film maker

statement about film star Mahira Khan

Actress Sonia Hussain and filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chennai have been at loggerheads over a statement about film star Mahira Khan.

Sharmeen Obaid had said for Sonia Hussain that she can never become an expert, the filmmaker had used harsh words for the actress.

Now Sonia Hussain has also reacted to Sharmeen Obaid’s statement by sharing an Instagram story.

In response to Sharmeen Obaid’s statement, Sonia wrote, “You are questioning my upbringing by encouraging one actress and demeaning the other.”

The actress also wrote “the global epidemic has given people so much free time that they start criticizing you by misinterpreting things.”

She said that if I was asked to choose an expert film, I would definitely choose ‘otherwise’ because in my work, freedom of expression can never be considered an insult to anyone.

Addressing Sharmeen Obaid Chanay, the actress wrote, “Miss Chanay was not presenting her words and accent to a woman who holds any international repute.”

if you were Mahira, Sonia was asked

Sonia also wrote “I have never tried to become an expert, experts are an excellent and talented actress but my path and destination are something else.”

It may be noted that in while participating in show in 2018 Sonia Hussain was asked if you were Mahira, in which film you would not have acted in. Three films of Mahira “warna”, “Raees” and Ho Man Jahan were named. In the question.

The actress had replied that if she was Mahira, she would never have worked in Raees because she has no interest in working with Shah Rukh Khan.

Oscar-winning Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chennai took Sonia Hussain by surprise and said, “You can never be like Mahira Khan, you will never think that you will have to say no.”