Watsapp blocks 2 million Indian users for misusing spam messages

Watsapp blocks 2 million Indian users for misusing spam messages

Messaging service WhatsApp has blocked more than 2 million users in India in a month for violating the India’s controversial new social media rules, as the company that owns Facebook has started complying with India’s new social media rules. This has been stated in the first compliance report.

Most of the users have been blocked for misusing spam messages. The US based company has set a limit on mass forward messaging to prevent misinformation.

India enacted new rules to regulate social media companies in May, forcing them to report to the police their efforts taken on their own platform in this regard every month.

WhatsApp says in its report, “We maintain advanced capabilities to identify these accounts sending a high or abnormal rate of messages and banned two million accounts in India alone from May 15 to June 15 attempting this kind of abuse,”

WhatsApp has over 400 million users in India, a huge market, but often faces criticism for spreading misinformation.

WhatsApp and some Indian media firms have challenged the new social media rules in the court. Critics say the government is trying to stifle dissent, but the government says it is trying to make social media safer.

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