PPP announces protest across Sindh against water shortage

Nisar Khuhro President PPP Sindh

PPP announces protest at district level across Sindh- Nisar Khuhro

KARACHI (May 31, 2021): The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Sindh has announced a full-scale protest at district level across Sindh from June 3 to 15 against IRSA- made water shortage in Sindh, prolonged load shedding of electricity and gas. He threatened to stage a sit-in at Kamoo Shaheed if IRSA and other concerned did not take notice of the protest.

The announcement was made by PPP Sindh President Nisar Ahmad Khuhro while addressing a press conference at the Sindh Corner in the Sindh Assembly, after party’s provincial executive committee meeting.

Nisar Khuhro said that Sindh would not remain silent on the excesses of the federal government and IRSA and there would be full-scale protests across Sindh.

Sindh PPP president Mr Khuhro announced the district wise schedule of  protests.

According to this schedule protest will be staged on June 3 in Larkana, on June 5 by 5 districts of Hyderabad and on June 7 in Mirpur Khas, on June 9 in Sukkur, on June 11 in Shaheed Benazirabad, on June 13 in the remaining 5 districts of Hyderabad and on June 15 in Karachi.

Mr Khuhro said that provincial meeting of PPP expressed concern over severe water shortage in Sindh, prolonged load shedding of electricity and gas, inflation and unemployment.

He said that billions of rupees were lost to agriculture due to worst water crisis in Sindh. Happening and 40% water shortage in Sindh and Irsa PTI is playing the role of B team of the federal government.

Nisar Khorro further said that Chashma Jhelum Link Canal and TP Canal are being flooded illegally whereas under the 1970 agreement Chashma Canal will be flooded when the water needs of the province are met but Sindh Instead of giving their share of water to, these canals are being made unconstitutional.

He said that Sindh’s water was being stolen by installing illegal pumping machines from Taunsa Barrage to Guddu Barrage on which IRSA and its chairman were playing the role of silent spectator.

Criticising some leaders he said instead of sitting in Islamabad and fighting Sindh’s water case, the leaders are playing the role of Sindh enemy by claiming that there is no shortage of water in Sindh. 10 MAF water should be released below.

Nisar Khuhoro added that the first right on water belongs to Sindh. Sindh should be given its full share of water.

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