Punjab rejects Sindh’s objections on water distribution

Punjab rejects Sindh’s objection on water distribution - Mohsin Leghari

LAHORE (May 28, 2021): The Punjab Minister for Irrigation rejected Sindh’s objections to the distribution of water and demanded the appointment of a neutral umpire to measure the water.

Punjab Irrigation Minister Mohsin Laghari said that Sindh’s complaint was not based on facts, adding that water in rivers and dams was alarmingly low this year.

He said that both Punjab and Sindh were facing water scarcity, nine per cent water was wasted in Punjab and 27 per cent in Sindh.

He said that IRSA has been asked to appoint monitors at the points where water comes in and out of Punjab, including one member from Punjab, Sindh and federal government each.

He said that the agreement on distribution of water in the provinces was being fully implemented.


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