Larkana Prison Inmate dies in mysterious circumstances

LARKANA: A prisoner died in Central Larkana in mysterious circumstances.

Prisoner Ghulam Nabi Lashari a tractor driver was undergoing sentence for an accident of marriage party. His body was found hanging on a tree near Dhoot Ghat of the Larkana prison.

The Prison authorities termed the incident a suicide.

The heirs of the deceased prisoner rejected the prions administration version and accused of Prison administration for the death. They also staged demonstration against the prison authorities.

In January incident, the police used teargas and aerial firing to control the protesting prisoners. The prisoners succeeded in preventing the extra contingent of police from entering the jail.

The prisoners complained they are provided no facilities in jail without paying bribes. They also alleged they are subjected to violence.

During the first wave of COVID 19, the Larkana Prions inmates refused to give attendance, demanding that they should be allowed to move out of barracks where it is impossible to maintain social distancing there amid the rapid spread of the virus.

In the first wave a total of 77 inmates and staff members had been tested for the coronavirus after which eight of them, including a jailer Iqbal Nonari were diagnosed with the virus positive