6000 offenders transferred to Karachi Central Prison 

Central Prison karachi

6000 offenders transferred to Karachi Central Prison 

KARACHI, Junbe2,2024: Around 6,000 criminals were transferred to the Karachi Central Prison  during last five months, which has filled the jail.

From January 2024 to April 31, 5881 accused were imprisoned in the Central Jail Karachi, the maximum number of 1371 accused were sent to the Central Jail in the month of April.

Despite the arrest of such a large number of accused, the city is still full of criminal elements and the number of street crimes is increasing instead of decreasing.

According to the details, in view of the increasing incidents of crime in the city, the Central Jail Karachi is full of prisoners due to the acceleration of operations against the criminal elements by the police and other law enforcement agencies.

According to the data received till May 21, 2024, there are a total of 6 thousand 933 prisoners in Central Jail Karachi, including 5 thousand 881 accused who were imprisoned this year.

In the month of January this year, 1195 prisoners, 1029 in the month of February, 1287 in the month of March, 1371 in the month of April and 999 prisoners have been admitted in the month of May.

On the other hand, 3 thousand 211 prisoners have been released from Central Jail Karachi this year on bail or acquittal in cases, 805 in January, 671 in February, 753 in March, 674 in April and 308 in May till 21st. gone.

It should be noted that the data given is only for the Central Jail of Karachi, while the data of criminals imprisoned in Landhi  Jail is separate.