Former President Alvi expresses disillusionment with accountability in Pakistan

Arif Alvi

Former President Alvi expresses disillusionment with accountability in Pakistan

Lahore, June 4, 2024 – Former President Arif Alvi has publicly expressed his loss of hope in the possibility of accountability within Pakistan, asserting that the nation’s elite vehemently opposes any form of scrutiny or investigation.

In a candid discussion with media representatives in Lahore, Alvi reflected on Pakistan’s historical challenges with accountability. “Since the era of Ayub Khan, accountability has never been a priority for us,” he stated. “The general populace believes that there is no justice in Pakistan.”

Addressing the recent cipher case, Alvi remarked that the decision was justified, criticizing the case as baseless. He clarified that the prime minister holds the discretion to inform the public about such matters.

When asked about allegations from political opponents that the PTI founder is unwilling to engage in dialogue, Alvi responded dismissively, questioning the relevance of these opponents since the Form 45 incident. “Who are my political rivals? Since Form 45, they are not rivals, are they?” he remarked.

The former president further elaborated on the necessity of proper communication channels within the political landscape. “If I want to rent a house, I need to talk to the owner, not an outsider,” he explained, responding to a journalist’s suggestion that he should engage with the “watchman.”

In his critique of the current economic situation, Alvi pointed out the challenges faced by local businesses and foreign investors. He highlighted the exodus of local businessmen and questioned the attractiveness of Pakistan for foreign investment under such conditions.

Alvi also drew attention to the dire state of education in Pakistan, citing that 26.2 million children are out of school. “These are not your children, but the children of the poor,” he stressed, underscoring the socio-economic disparities in the country.

Arif Alvi’s statements paint a bleak picture of Pakistan’s political and economic environment, calling for introspection and urgent reforms to address the deep-rooted issues of accountability and justice.