Deadlock on Pak-Afghan border closure continues on the 13th day

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Deadlock on Pak-Afghan border closure continues on the 13th day

QUETTA Oct 19,2021 Monitoring Desk

Deadlock on Pak-Afghan border closure continued on the 13th day also.

There is a deadlock on the border closure between Pakistan and Afghanistan due to which trade is closed.

Afghan officials opened the Friendship Gate for an hour last night and more than 800 Afghans entered Afghanistan.

According to officials, about 100 Pakistanis trapped in Spin Boldak also returned home.

Officials further said that arrangements would be made for the repatriation of all Pakistanis trapped in Spin Boldak.

A leading daily reported that Pak-Afghan border Bab-e- Dosti will be closed for all kinds of traffic on Monday for the 13th day while bilateral trade activities and pedestrian traffic are also suspended.

Deputy Commissioner Chaman Capt (retd) Juma Dad Mandokhel said that committees at the central and provincial levels soon will start official level talks with Afghan officials on border issues.

Pakistan opens Chaman Border for Afghan pedestrians

The border closure has caused a loss of crores of rupees to Afghan and Pakistani traders and billions of rupees to both governments due to deadlocks.

The Deputy Commissioner said that a decision has been taken at the government level to resolve the issues related to transportation. The government committees at the provincial and central levels are going to take steps in collaboration with the stakeholders to open the border so that the problems of the people and traders can be resolved immediately.

On the other hand, hundreds of workers involved in border trade have decided to stage a full-scale protest along with traders and social organizations.

Balochistan Awami Party, Jamaat-e-Islami and PML-Q have also announced their support and an alliance has been formed with the protests, which could be held from Tuesday or Wednesday on the Pak-Afghan Border Road or on the Kojak Top on the Quetta-Chaman highway.

The Coalition for the Protest Movement has also made it clear that they have the same demands as the Afghan authorities for the closure of Bab Dosti.

Sources said that many times Afghan citizens were allowed to cross by Pakistan but the Afghan officials (Taliban) on the other side pushed them back to Pakistan which made the situation on the border tense. Across the border, the Taliban have set up artillery and armored vehicles between footpaths and divided villages and set up checkpoints in violation of Pakistani borders, Pakistani media reported.

However, Pakistani officials continue to show patience and forbearance.

Locals say that in the previous regime, whenever the border was closed due to border disputes, the needy, the sick, especially women and children were allowed to come and go, but this time no one person is allowed to go. It should be noted that Bab Dosti has been closed by the Afghan government after objecting to the mode of transportation.

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