Pakistan opens Chaman Border for Afghan pedestrians

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Pakistan opens Chaman Border for Afghan pedestrians

KABUL Aug 19,2021 – Pakistan has opened Chaman Border Crossing for the Afghan pedestrians says a press release of embassy’s press wing.

Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul and missions in Afghanistan have been constantly providing consular services to the afghans and foreign nationals on emergency/humanitarian grounds despite uncertain conditions, Since, 15th August, The embassy of Pakistan in Kabul has issued around 3200 visas to common Afghans, civil right activists, employees of International Organizations, patients and other Afghans.

In addition to that around 400 visas have been issued to the foreign and local journalists including those local Afghans who are attached with foreign media (Reuters, AFP, AP, BBC, CNN, VoA, and etc).

Pakistan embassy in Kabul and our missions in Afghanistan are fully operational and issuing online visas in collaboration with NADRA. Besides, manual visas (stickers) are being issued to provide maximum assistance to the Afghans and foreigners.

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Around 200 members of Pakistani Community have been repatriated to Pakistan via Torkham since 15th of August while efforts are underway for repatriation of another batch of around 200 Pakistanis.

The government of Pakistan has opened Chaman Border Crossing for the Afghan pedestrians as well as bilateral and transit trade. Torkham crossing is open for trade and transit to prevent shortage of food and other products.

PIA operations were suspended for last two days as U.S and NATO were undertaking their evacuation. Now, it is expected that 02 or 03 special PIA flights will operate tomorrow to bring Pakistanis and foreign nationals who want to leave Afghanistan.

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