Long queue of ambulances at Torkham border

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Long queue of ambulances at Torkham border

QUETTA Oct 01,2021- A long queue of ambulances was seen at the Torkham gate on the Pak-Afghan border, where many Afghans wanted to cross the border.

The Afghan government has appealed to Pakistan for help in treating patients and entering Pakistan.

The Afghan people, forced by the inadequate health facilities in Afghanistan, wanted to cross the border with patients anyway.

Pakistan makes arrangements for possible arrival of Afghan refugees

In an interview with Geo News, Syed Ghaziullah, the new Taliban in-charge stationed at Torkham border, has requested the government of Pakistan to relax the policy for entry of patients.

He said that the government of Pakistan is requested to increase the number of patients for admission in hospitals.

The new Taliban in-charge added that Pakistan allows 40 patients to cross the border every day.

Syed Ghaziullah also said that our government is still new, the condition of hospitals in Afghanistan is not good, there is a shortage of medicines at the moment. (Monitoring Desk)

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