Coal company gives notice of 1 bn to Thari contractors

Coal company gives notice of 1 bn to Thari contractors

MITHI – Jul 8, 2021- The Contractors of Thar Coal Block II received notice of Rs 1 billion from company, and have been threatens to withdraw their application demanding the dues.

Thari contractors a contractor of Thar Coal Block II, Haji Jiandu Rahimoon, Nawaz Soomro, Sohrab Rahimoon and others told journalists that they used to do construction work for Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company in Thar Coal Block II.

They said that despite their repeated requests for dues, the company continued to use various excuses instead of giving us money. After that they staged demonstrations at different places to press the demands. But the company management refused to pay their dues.

Thari contractors said a petition has been filed in the Sindh High Court against the coal mining company through the lawyers. Following the issuance of the notice of the filed petition, a notice has been sent to the contractors through the lawyers of the CEO.

In this notice it was alleged that the contractors were involved in” spreading false propaganda against Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company which has tarnished the reputation of the company.

The contractors were threatened to withdraw the petition filed in the Sindh High Court or face the consequences. They demanded that justice be done to them.

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