Why Imran Khan abruptly ended Long March?

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Why Imran Khan abruptly ended Long March

Why Imran Khan abruptly ended Long March? This question is talk of the every town. Most of the people around Imran Khan do not know why he abruptly ended his true freedom march even before he reached his destination (D-Chowk Islamabad).

The impression that the Establishment had secretly intervened with reference to the PTI’s March drop-off towards Islamabad is also wrong as reliable sources in the defense forces categorically deny any role of the Army in this matter, senior analysts opine.

Following assurances from the PTI leadership to hold a peaceful rally, the Supreme Court directed the district administration to provide a venue for the rally.

Hearing the PTI’s request, Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan said that a plan should be drawn up for the protesters to come peacefully and return home after the protest, lest Faizabad or the motorway be closed after the rally.

The court directed that security arrangements be made for the PTI meeting at H9 public meeting place within three hours.

The sources said that the Establishment did not contact PTI and did not give them any assurance to end the march. The impression being given regarding a possible deal in this regard is also wrong.

According to a mainstream media, his latest intervention is said to have been mediated by a meeting between the coalition government and the PTI on Wednesday. In this meeting too, the Establishment had asked both the parties to sit together and solve their own problems and there would be no interference from outside. Unfortunately, the last meeting was also fruitless.

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The question is, Imran Khan was constantly saying that the march and sit-in will not end till the date of election is announced and National Assembly is dissolved, then why did Imran Khan end the march and sit-in? When contacted, some senior PTI leaders were unaware of the reasons behind the decision, which was the drop scene of the Independence March on Thursday evening, senior analyst Ansar Abbasi said.

Another leader said he did not know the reason but the march was already proving tiring and it was not possible to continue for another day.

There are three general reasons why the PTI’s real independence march has come to an end.

First, Imran Khan failed to bring an impressive number of people to Islamabad.

Second, they feared possible action by the Supreme Court for violating the Supreme Court decision.

Third, the army was deployed in the red zone as a result of the issuance of the official notification. (Monitoring Desk)