PTI Long March: workers and police come face to face in Lahore

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PTI Long March: workers and police come face to face in Lahore

Due to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf – PTI long march of , highways are being closed at various places across the country. In Lahore, workers and police came face to face.

  • Punjab police sent 36 arrested PTI workers to jail
  • Shahbaz Gul says that former Prime Minister Imran Khan will be arriving at Wali in KP Interchange soon.

PTI leader Hamad Azhar reached Bati Chowk. PTI workers and police are facing each other. Police removed air from the tires of two vehicles after which shelling has resumed in Bati Chowk.

According to sources, police have arrested PTI workers on the Srinagar Highway.

Police raid Yasmin Rashid’s car

While trying to stop Yasmeen Rashid’s car, the windscreen was broken by the police while Dr. Yasmeen Rashid’s car went ahead breaking the police fence.

Don’t arrest Imran, let him come to Islamabad, Maryam Nawaz 

Army called in for the security of the red zone: PTI March

The road leading to Bati Chowk from Shahdara turn in Lahore has been closed while the traffic entering Lahore has also been stopped.


The road at Jinnah Avenue China Chowk in Islamabad has been closed with containers. The entrance to G-10 from Islamabad has also been closed with containers.

The bridge near Attock on GT Road has been closed for two-way traffic, mud has been poured on the bridge and containers have been placed on both sides.

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