Sindh Governor asks FIA to enter Jam Abdul Karim name in PNIL

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Decision on Nazim Jokhio murder case postponed

KARACHI March 26,2022- Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has asked DG FIA to immediately register the name of accused Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio in the Provincial National Identity List (PNIL).

In a letter written to the DG FIA, the Governor Sindh said that the move is in the wider public interest. The purpose of this step is to ensure its presence in the relevant court.

The accused Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio is absconding in the murder case of Nazim Jokhio.

Final challan in Nazim Jokhio murder case submitted in court 

Who was Nazim Jokhio?

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and Karachi Administrator, Murtaza Wahab has said that Jam Abdul Karim has obtained bail from Sindh High Court and cannot be arrested.

He told a press conference in Karachi that the Governor Sindh was making such statements, perhaps he did not know the law.

The court has granted bail to MNA Jam Abdul Karim for Rs one million in Nazim Jokhio murder case and asked the accused to appear in the relevant court within ten days.

He said that Jam Karim is a member of National Assembly and it is his constitutional right to cast his vote.