Seminar on Lahore Resolution: Context and Significance held

Latif university

Seminar on Lahore Resolution: Context and Significance held

KHAIRPUR, 23,2023 -To mark the Pakistan Day a One-Day Seminar was organized by the Departments of Political Science, Shah Abdul Latif University, in collaboration with Young Peace Development Corps (YPDC).

The topic of the seminar was “Lahore Resolution: Context and Significance.” Prof. Dr. Taj Muhammad Lashari, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences presided over the seminar while Prof. Dr. Farman Ali Mangi, Chairman Department of Physics, Ms. Shahida Amir Chandio, Incharge Department of Political Science and Dr. Inayatullah Bhatti, Department of Pakistan Studies and Advocate Shafqat Ali Maitlo were the guests of honor.

Speaking on the occasion Prof. Dr. Taj Muhammad Lashari said that the Lahore Resolution 1940 was a hallmark development in the establishment of Pakistan. It provided a base for separate homeland for Muslims in the Sub-Continent. Lahore Resolution is a prime document in the struggle of Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Farman Ali Mangi said Muslims were under the dominant rule of British Raj and Muslims were deprived from their basic rights.

Dr. Inayatullah Bhatti said this day is not less than 14th August. The Muslims in the advent of British Raj were facing numerous threats, and they continued their struggle for the establishment of separate homeland.

Ms. Shahida Amir Chandio said the Lahore Resolution is alive historic document. Prior 1940 the struggle of Muslims was for the attaining of rights and constitutional reforms and the spirit of this resolution was to provide space for sovereign and autonomous unit of Muslims. Pakistan is model of federal state having diversity and autonomy. It is the need of the time to promote inter-provincial harmony, religious tolerance, and national cohesion.

Advocate Shafqat Ali Maitlo said basically 23rd March 1940 provided a voice to the Muslims. He said at this juncture the enemies of Pakistan are engaged to sabotage the peace and prosperity of Pakistan. We have to eliminate such evil forces. Our armed forces are protecting the national borders with commitment day and night.

Dr. Ali Raza Lashari, Incharge Students Societies said with the continuous struggle of our national leaders at the time of the independence movement a separate homeland Pakistan emerged on the world horizon.

Ms. Saba Aman Dharejo, Ms. Nazia, Mr. Asad Abbas, Ms. Rabail and others also spoke on the context and significance of Lahore Resolution.

Dr. Zain-ul-Abideen Arejo, Mr. Mushatque Ali Khaskheli, Mr. Deep Kumar, Ms. Shumaila Rabab Rizvi, Ms. Asia Ruk, Ms. Taj Bibi, Ms. Afroze Kalhoro and large number of students attended the seminar.