Ground water extraction by coal companies is big threat to future of Thari people: speakers.

Thari people

Ground water extraction by coal companies is big threat to future of Thari people: speakers.

CHCHRO Mar 23, 2023 – Water woes of Thar needs innovative approach to address the matter, climate change, underground water extraction by coal companies is a big threat to future of Thari people, stakeholders urged to take notice, speakers demanded during an event organized here to mark the world water day.

Under the theme of ‘accelerating change to solve the water sanitation crisis’, World Water Day 2023 was observed by Association for Water, Applied Education & Renewable Energy (AWARE) with collaboration of Terre des homes (TDH) Germany here at village Bhada Sandha on March 23, 2023.

On occasion, Taluka education officer Chachro, Engr Ashfaque Ahmed Sodho, expressed that water scarcity is a big issue in Tharparker. Lack of water in area disrupts our education system in different ways. So many school going children before moving schools, help their parents to collect water from dug wells early in morning. So many schools of area still don’t have toilet facility, that way parent don’t prefer to send their school going girls in school. He further said that government and civil society organizations must work together to improve sanitation system of schools in area.

Bhada Sandha school children

Water day: Bhada Sandha school children performing tablos

Dr. Rahib Ali, highlighted that water is a very important natural resource, and will deplete if we do not utilize it judiciously. He further expressed that water management is very important. Civil society collaboration with state institutions must organize workshops and seminars at local level to advocate masses regarding importance of water for life.

Community activist Jessaram said that due to climate change and now extracting underground water by Thar coal companies in a big issue for next generations of Thar.

Rano Khan Sand expressed that water woes of Thar needs innovative approach otherwise the issues will linger on. Climate change affects will trickle down and people of Thar will face more severe conditions in terms of safe water availability, he shared his concern.

Water Day Aware
Engr Ashfaque Ahmed Sodho,Dr. Rahib Ali, Community activist Jessaram, Rano Khan Sand

Villagers urged government officials to fix issues of RO Plants which were installed few years back in area.

A villager, Utamchand, pointed that they are drinking saline water which is dangerous for health, government installed RO plant is out of order while many letters were written to Public health department to fix issue, however, government officials never took initiatives to fix issue.

For awareness raising during the event, school children also performed tablos, in which issue of water scarcity in Thar Desert were highlight.

The World Water Day was observed at village Bhada Sanda which is about 20 kilometers way from Chachro city. People of different life of walk participated in programme including children and women of village.