PM’s announcement for Sindh is hollow promise: Hrai Ram

MIRPURKHAS: Sindh Minister for Food and Minority Affairs Hari Ram Kishori Lal met delegations from different areas of Mirpurkhas division here on Saturday.

Talking to the delegations, the provincial minister for food and minority affairs said that a network of development works has been laid in Mirpurkhas division from which the people are benefiting to the fullest.

The provincial minister said that wheat procurement centers have been set up from where bardana is being supplied on merit basis.

The minister further said that PPP is a party which talks only about the rights of the people in every forum, it believes in public service for which several steps are being taken in practice.

Hari Ram Kishori Lal said that in the greater interest of the people, the PDM would have to reconsider its policies.

Referring to the recent announcement of the Prime Minister, the provincial minister said that it is just an announcement made by the PTI government every time because before that he had announced to give Rs.1100 Billion for Karachi which is only an  announcement so far.

Reminding the Niazi government of his promise, the provincial minister said that Imran Khan Niazi had also announced to give five million houses and one crore jobs to the people but so far no one has got a job or a house.