Passengers travelling by air made mandatory to file declaration of currency


CAA issues warning to 5 airlines for cancelling the flights

KARACHI, Aug 16,2022- Civil Aviation Authority CAA has made it mandatory for inbound and outbound passengers to submit declaration about the currency they are carrying.

According to directives issued by the CAA, for Inbound Flights, airlines are required to ensure in-flight announcement by flight crew for every inbound flight for submission of subject declaration wherein the passengers will mention the currency under the regulatory requirements of FATF.

The directive further said, the airline crew will distribute the declaration during the flight to all the passengers, irrespective of their nationality. The said declaration will be deposited at the customs counter before the immigration desks at International Arrival.

For outbound flights, the directive said, airlines may also direct their staff/travel agents to ensure that they provide a copy of the declaration at the time of booking of ticket. At check-in counters.

Airlines are directed to issue boarding pass only once the passengers have deposited the declaration with them. Pakistan Customs are required to deploy their staff along with airline staff to supervise/assist the passengers at the dedicated facilitation counter inside the check-in hall.

CAA issues warning to 5 airlines for cancelling flights

The airline staff will collect the declarations and hand over the same to the customs staff after the closure of the flight along With the passenger’s manifest.

CAA will provide space and counters for the collection of all declaration forms.

The above instructions are implemented with immediate effect. Please treat the matter with due importance and priority on immediate basis.