New turn in Noor Muqaddam murder case: Main Zahir Jaffar denies charges

Noor Muqddam case

New turn in Noor Muqaddam murder case: Main Zahir Jaffar denies charges

ISLAMABAD, Feb 09,2022- The main accused, Zahir Jaffar has denied to murdering Noor Muqaddam in a statement.

Former diplomat Shaukat Muqaddam’s daughter Noor Muqaddam murder case in Islamabad has taken a new turn.

Zahir Jaffer, the main accused in the Noor Muqaddam murder case, has denied the charge of murder.

The lawyer wrote the answers to the questionnaire on behalf of the main accused Zahir Jaffer and said that on July 20, Noor Muqaddam invited her friends to his house for a drug party.

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The answers said that Noor Muqaddam and he were related, but had not been in touch with the victim for 6 months and added that on July 18, she came to his house voluntarily.

Zahir Jaffar took a stand that Noor Muqaddam told him to have a drug party, and refused. The statement further added that on July 18 the victim came to his house with a large quantity of drugs.

In reply, the main accused also said that Noor Muqaddam had insisted for the drug party and also invited his friends.

Zahir Jaffar replied that he was alone at home, as his parents and other family members were in Karachi for Eid. “Hours later, when I regained consciousness, I found myself tied up in my lounge,” he said.

The main accused further said that after some time, he was rescued by uniformed police and persons in civilian clothes.

Zahir Jaffer also said that he had a long association with Noor Muqaddam. Both the families knew each other and added that the complainant Shaukat Muqaddam is an influential person and has wrongly involved in the murder case.

In his reply, the main accused pleaded to present evidence in his defense.

It may be recalled that the District and Sessions Court of Islamabad had rejected the three petitions of Zahir Jaffer, the main accused in the Noor Muqadam case, at the last hearing.

Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani had pronounced a reserved verdict in the case and dismissed the petition.

The court dismissed the requests of the investigating officer to visit the scene and ascertain the ownership of the mobile number.

On this occasion, Zahir Jafar’s father Zakir Jafar and his wife Ismat Jahan were also met.

It may be recalled that on July 20, 2021, a 27-year-old girl Noor Muqaddam was killed with a sharp instrument in F-Seven Four area of federal capital.


Murder case of Noor Muqaddam was registered at Kohsar police station on the complaint of her father.

According to police, signs of torture were found on the body of the victim while her head was detached from the torso.

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