Some twists surface in Noor Mukadam murder case

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Some twists surface in Noor Mukadam murder case

ISLAMABAD Jul 27, 2021- Some twists surfaced in the murder case of Noor Mukadam, as driver was asked to arrange a huge amount and finding of CCTV footage. There are also reports that the main accused has confessed the crime.

Noor Mukadam asked her driver to arrange Rs700,000 and bring it to the house of Zahir Jaffer.

Noor Mukadam daughter of former diplomat of Pakistan was murdered in federal capital last week.

Demand of huge amount

Khalil, Noor’s driver, told Geo News that Noor called him and said that she immediately needed Rs700,000 and that her parents should not know out about it.

According to the driver, he told Noor that he could not manage Rs700,000. He said Noor told him it was important that he bring it and asked him to take it from a friend.

Khalil said he managed to collect Rs300,000 and on Monday afternoon, July 19, he reached Zahir Jaffer’s house at the address given by Noor.

“When I called Noor Mukadam, she said she can’t come out and to hand over the money to the cook,” Khalil said. He then handed the money over to the domestic worker.

The driver also revealed that when Noor called him for the first time, she told him to tell her parents that she was going to Lahore.

When Khalil went inside the house to tell her parents about Lahore, Noor’s mother was already talking about the same thing with her husband. Noor’s father was questioning why Noor was going to Lahore when it was Eid the next day, the driver said.

According to the investigating sources, Noor was in touch with her mother. Noor also spoke to her mother over the phone the day she was murdered at 10am.

CCTV footage

The CCTV footage showed Noor falling from the first floor and running towards a door, sources said. In the footage, Zahir is seen following Noor and then dragging her back inside.

Sources said “In the footage, the girl can be seen trying to escape from the house by jumping from the first storey and rushing towards the main gate”.

They further said the woman hides herself in a guard’s room after finding the gate locked, adding that later the accused can be seen breaking into the room and dragging her back into the house.

Cell phones still missing

The mobile phones of the accused and the victim are still missing, the investigators said, adding that it had been established that the victim had her mobile phone till late in the evening of July 19, as she had talked to her father.

Confession of accused

In a late night development on Monday, Zahir Jaffer, who is accused of killing Noor Mukadam, confessed to committing the crime during interrogation.

US Embassy staff meets accused

Meanwhile, the US embassy staff met Zahir Jaffer on Monday, police said. However, the Embassy staffer refused to comment on the matter due to privacy concerns.”

Earlier, the police arrested four persons – alleged killer’s parents, Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Jaffer, as well as two household staffers for concealing and abetment.

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