MQM finalises names for Sindh cabinet

MQM finalises names for Sindh cabinet

KARACHI, Dec 9,2022- MQM Pakistan has agreed to join the Sindh government, and finalises names for Sindh cabinet. However, some members of the coordination committee are still unhappy with this decision.

Unhappy members said that without local government, no ministry is beneficial for MQM.

They are suggesting to take important ministries like health and education, transport which are directly related to urban areas.

It is likely that three MQM ministers will take oath of office by next Monday or Tuesday.

PPP and MQM hammer out a deal 

Name of the new administrator Karachi finalized

Among the names that have been finalized by the MQM, Javed Hanif will be given the portfolio of Local Government, Muhammad Hussain will be given the portfolio of Youth Affairs, Sports, while Rana Ansar will be given the portfolio of the Ministry of Women and Human Rights.

Sources said that a few important names were withdrawn due to the pressure of the workers and several elected representatives, whose behavior has made a large number of workers unhappy.

MQM Pakistan will also be given the post of an adviser and a special assistant in the Sindh cabinet in the second phase.

MQM Pakistan convener Dr. Khalid Maqbool has approved the names of the ministers.

It may be mentioned that as a result of deal between MQM and PPP, Saifur Rehman has been appointed as Administrator Karachi.

It should be noted that Dr. Saifur Rahman has been the Principal Secretary to the Governor of Sindh.
Dr. Saifur Rahman has been the Metropolitan Commissioner in Baldia Uzma Karachi.
He has also been the Deputy Commissioner of Central and Eastern Districts as well as the Administrator of Central Municipality.