Name of the new administrator Karachi finalized

KMC main building

Name of the new administrator Karachi finalized

Karachi Dec 8,2022- The names administrators of Karachi have been finalized.

Sources said that there is a possibility of appointing a new administrator in Karachi Municipal Corporation today.

The Sindh Government will approve the appointment of MQM nominated or official administrator.

The name of MQM leader Abdul Wasay has been finalized as the political administrator.

Dr. Saifur Rahman can be selected in case of making a government official as an administrator.

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A district municipal administrator is also likely to be replaced today on the demand of MQM.

Sources also say that an officer nominated by the MQM will be appointed as the administrator in the District Municipal Corporation East.

Jamaat Islami Krachi leader Hafiz Naeem has alleged that MQM wanted to gain interests by installing a favorite administrator.