PPP and MQM hammer out a deal


PPP and MQM hammered out a deal

KARACHI, Dec 3,2022- Pakistan People’s Party – PPP and MQM has hammered out another deal according to which MQM’s candidate will withdraw tomorrow in favor of PPP candidate Waqar Mehdi for Senate.

Sindh Local Government Minister Nasir Shah said that in a couple of days in Karachi a nominated administrator of MQM will be installed.

MQM-Pakistan has announced its support for PPP on the seat of the Senate, the Sindh government of PPP has also agreed to give MQM the post of Administrator Karachi.

MQM has decided to withdraw its candidate in favor of PPP leader Waqar Mehdi.

A delegation led by local minister Nasir Shah arrived at the temporary center of MQM Pakistan, Bahadurabad, to meet MQM leaders.