Major Missing My University Corona Free Days

Blog by Areeba Roshan

Student life from school to university are the best years of your life. These years of life are the carefree ones as well as the most stressful one this is what every student might think. But the fact is life is more stressful after that when we step up in the professional life, we realize that those were the years of freedom.

I’m still an undergraduate student but my university life did not remain same as I thought it would be for the next two years. The starting two years of my university life was so good, I miss waking up in the morning, getting ready without wearing a mask, quickly rushing towards the bus stop to catch my university point. Ensure, not miss it, going to the university meeting up with my friends enjoying with them, sitting with my friends in class without maintaining a social distancing. Being a back bencher desperately waiting for my class to get finished so that I could go to the canteen with friends, roam here and there. That was a different kind of fun. The weekends for me were used to be so boring because I like being in the university and do some activities rather stay at home and sleeping.

But as my third year started, on 26th February 2020 me and my friends were sitting after the class. It was a random day and we decided to go out to have some eating out and got back home. In the evening we came to know that our university is going to be off for the rest of a month, that linger on to months and later year. Don’t even know for how much time?

Someone ate bat in the China and my university life got ruined. It’s been a year that I’m staying at home my classroom just got replaced by my laptop my physical lectures just got replaced by Zoom, the most hit app of 2020.

Things I missed my teachers, friends, canteen, roaming here & there. holidays -which used to be precious at that time.

But some things I am not missing, are assignments, presentations, long lectures and physical Exams

I’ve even forgot how the normal life use to be like. Leaving the house without wearing a mask feels like some sort of a crime and thinking about going university just seems like a dream… These were precious year of life which just got wasted. This whole pandemic thing is bit of a roller coaster for everyone. I wish this all, Corona Virus thing end soon and we all can reunite with our friends and teachers again and then I can make the rest of my university life THE BEST OF MY UNIVERSITY LIFE.  

Blog writer is student of Media and Communication Studies, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.