PPP advises PMLN learn how to honourably accept defeat

KARACHI: PPP chairman Bilawal responding the PML-N’s allegations of PPP stealing the NA-249 election and termed them “highly regrettable” remarks and must be proven.

Speaking post result press conference PPP chairman termed victory in the NA-249 by-election a “historic win” and added that it “proves that the people no longer backing the government”.

“I kept hearing chants of ‘Daska 2, Daska 2’. If this was anything like that, where were the firing incident, where were the kidnapped polling agents, where were the missing bags of votes?” he asked.

He said the PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, along with the former governor Muhammad Zubair was present in the office of the returning officer and watching their party lose the election.

“Instead of leveling false allegations, our friends would do well to do some introspection. What reason is it that in a constituency where Shahbaz Sharif fought, the votes, within two years, have dropped down from more than 35,000 to 15,000?” Bilawal asked.

“Our PML-N friends should learn how to honourably accept defeat when they are defeated fairly and squarely in the electoral process,” he said.

He regretted that the Opposition did not issue a joint statement following the results, “which exposed the federal government”, as their candidate had been pushed down to sixth spot, which is “everyone’s success”. The PPP chairman said, “The people of Karachi have sent a clear message to the puppet, incompetent government that they have been rejected”.

He claimed that this regime’s stronghold has been broken due to the PPP’s consistent opposition and democratic strategy.