Bilawal demands resignation of President for ‘false reference’ against Justice Faez

KARACHI: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari demanded that the President and the law minister resign for the “false reference” filed against Justice Qazi Faez Isa. 

Speaking in a post-NA-249 victory media briefing on Friday, the PPP chairman, said that his party had termed the action against the judge “illegal” and “inappropriate” and condemned the probe against him.

Bilawal Bhutto categorically said, “We had demanded at the time that whoever is involved in this, in the blackmailing of judges, in spying against them, and those who have sold this reference, which includes the prime minister, the president of Pakistan and their advisors and ministers […] should resign after attacking judges in this manner, .

“Now after his acquittal and after the conspiracy has been exposed, there must be action against them and an investigation must be conducted to determine the nature of this conspiracy which targeted an honourable justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan [and subjected him to] political victimisation and character assassination,” Bilawal said.

PPP chairman demand that the president of Pakistan immediately resign. “He has no moral authority to remain in office after signing off on a false reference against an honourable judge of the Supreme Court,” he emphasised.

“Everyone must reign. Khan sahab’s entire cabinet is involved in this crime. They all advised the president to take such a step,” Bilawal added that the president “made an error” and that he “should have exercised his own judgment”.

The PPP chairman cautioned now “everyone (involved) will have to answer for this crime and the sooner, the better for the country”.