Electricity prices will go up in few months, Hamad Azhar

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Electricity prices will go up in few months, Hamad Azhar

ISLAMABAD Nov 22,2021

Federal Minister for Energy, Hamad Azhar has said that basic electricity prices will have to be increased in a few months.

In a press conference with Shaukat Tareen, Advisor to PM Imran Khan on Finance, Hamad Azhar said that prices of daily necessities are high all over the world.

 “The situation is dire, the whole world is suffering from the Corona epidemic, and the prices of everyday goods are high all over the world,” he said.

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 The Energy Minister further said that there are difficult conditions, there are problems all over the world due to Corona, there were difficult talks with IMF, and stability will come.

He said that in a few months the basic price of electricity will have to be increased. We have not increased the tariff on zero to 200 units of electricity.

 Hamad Azhar also said that the current account deficit has come down, not a single agreement was made by PTI with the power plants, all the agreements were done by the previous government.

“Inflation is at its highest level in 30 years in the world,” he said, congratulating Shaukat Tareen on successful negotiations with the IMF.

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