Electricity prices in Karachi up by 3.64 per unit

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K Electric requests to increase electricity price by more than Rs 1.5

ISLAMABAD Aug 8,2021- Electricity prices in Karachi up by 3.64 per unit as the National Electric and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has allowed K Electric to charge its customers an additional price of Rs 3.64 per unit in three months (August-October) to increase its revenue by about Rs five billions

According to the report, on the other hand, NEPRA has asked WAPDA’s distribution companies (Discos) to refund their customers about 19 paisa per unit for negative adjustment in the current month’s bills with a total impact of about Rs 2.60 billion.

Both the tariff adjustments were notified by OGRA due to monthly fuel cost adjustment (FCA) for 6 months for K Electric and one month for Discos.

In October, an additional charge of Rs 1 per unit will be levied and the total tariff increase will be around Rs 3.64 per unit in three months.

The regulator said that positive FCA (tariff increase) would apply to all electric consumer categories except lifeline users, similarly negative FCA would apply to all consumer categories except lifeline users.

In this case, NEPRA said that Discos had applied for a positive FCA of about 81 paisa per unit for electricity used in June, with an impact of Rs 11.2 billion. However, after scrutinizing the data and records, the regulator approved a reduction of 19 paisa per unit, which would benefit consumers by Rs 2.60 billion.

However, the actual net benefit to consumers will be around Rs 1.30 billion as some of the subsidized categories of consumers are not eligible for negative FCAs.

The regulator said the June FCA would be levied on all Discos consumers categories in the August billing month, except for lifeline customers, i.e domestic customers using up to 50 units and agricultural users using up to 300 units.

It may be noted that K-Electric earned net profit of PKR 9.443 billion for the period of 9-month ended March 31, 2021.


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