KE producing most expensive electricity: NEPRA

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K-Electric increases electricity tariff by Rs3.75 per unit

ISLAMABAD Aug 4,2021 – KE is producing the most expensive electricity, this was remarked by NEPRA Chairman NEPRA and he asked (KE) as to why it did not seek permission to produce electricity from diesel and why electricity was purchased from outer source.

Electricity adjustments were requested on an average of 55 paisa per month, according to KE’s monthly and quarterly fuel adjustments.

Chairman NEPRA raised the questions during the hearing, why electricity was produced on high speed diesel from April to June 2021, why permission from NEPRA was not got before generating power from diesel?

“We imported furnace oil to generate electricity with the permission of Power Division,” CEO K-Electric said.

Chairman NEPRA said why permission was not sought from NEPRA to use diesel as a backup fuel.

“We were buying cheaper electricity from CPPA,” K-Electric officials told NEPRA.

NEPRA officials said that in June 2021, there was an additional burden of 1.2 billion due to violation of the Economic Merit Order,

Chairman NEPRA said, “I believe that K-Electric is producing the most expensive electricity.

The public hearing regarding the electric charge adjustment and quarterly adjustment of KE was completed, and authority will give decision after the data checking.

The hearing on PESCO and MEPCO’s distribution and supply multi-tier tariff was also held. A decision on the hearing will be pronounced later.


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