PM advisor admits electricity prices gone up by 40%

KARACHI: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Finance and Revenue Dr Waqar Masood has said that electricity prices have gone up by 40%. The issues of circular debt will be resolved comprehensively in the next few months.

Talking at a private channel talk show on Monday evening, Dr. Waqar Masood said that MD of the IMF has promised sympathy and support this time as well as in the past.

In an informal conversation with the media in Islamabad, Finance Secretary Kamran Afzal said that the country’s foreign exchange reserves were stable and there was no need for immediate funds from the IMF to fight the Corona.

He said that the budget would be presented in the second week of June and changes could be made in the budget strategy paper.

Govt failed to control inflation, says Trade Adviser 

Meanwhile, Trade Adviser Abdul Razzaq Dawood has said that the PTI government has completely failed to control inflation in the country, the prices of essential commodities have not been controlled yet and the common man is facing severe distress, giving relief to the people is a priority.

The prospects of opening trade with India do not appear until the political issues are resolved.

 In an interview, Abdul Razzaq Dawood, adviser to Prime Minister Imran Khan on commerce, trade and investment, said there was no doubt that commodity prices in the country had not yet been brought under control.