Gas crisis is self-created by rulers, says Imtiaz Shaikh

Imtiaz Sindh energy minister

Gas crisis is self-created of rulers, says Imtiaz Shaikh

KARACHI – June 29, 2021- Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Sheikh has said that the gas crisis was created by the rulers themselves.

Sindh Minister Imtiaz Sheikh in a statement said that blaming former governments is an old partice of PTI, the government is setting a record of generating expensive electricity from expensive furnace oil.

He was surprised that the ruler is not ready to admit his incompetence and failures.

He added that since the PTI came to power, the country has been dragged into crises.

It may be called that gas supplies have been stopped in some industrial areas of Karachi and CNG stations have been closed till July 5 in Sindh province.

CNG Association threatens to protest

Meanwhile, the All Pakistan CNG Association has threatened to protest if the decision to cut off gas supply across the country is not reversed and CNG stations are not reopened.

According to the All Pakistan CNG Association, 2300 CNG stations across the country are closed.

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