February 27, 2024

Eight people injured as bomb exploded near Dadu

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Eight people injured as bomb exploded near Dadu

DADU Aug 15,2021 – At least Eight people were injured when a bomb exploded inside a house near Radhan, district Dadu on Sunday.

The injured were brought to the Nau Goth police station. The police sent the children to Vehar Police Station on pretext of jurisdiction.

Mor Mallah head of family said that the children found a toy while swimming in the river and brought it home. As they were playing with ball, it exploded, injuring eight people.

The injured were identified as Naseeban Mallah, Zarina Mallah, Bibi Mallah, Tayab Mallah, child Shahzado Mallah, Mehboob, Piyaro, and Nisar Mallah.

The injured were taken to Larkana Hospital.