February 28, 2024

Education Department gears up for PSTs and JSTs recruitment: Vacancies details sought


Education Department gears up for PSTs and JSTs recruitment: Vacancies details sought

KARACHI, Jan,7,2024: The Sindh Education Department is gearing up for the recruitment of more Primary and Junior Elementary Teachers (PSTs and GESTs) following recent court orders. Details of vacant positions are being actively sought from directors across the region.

The Department of the Education Department has issued a directive to all directors and District Education Officers (DEOs), emphasizing the need for up-to-date information on vacant PST and GEST positions. A stern warning of potential action has been conveyed to DEOs failing to submit the required details within three days.

Background on Previous Recruitments: Over 58,000 Teachers Recruited Before Ban

Authorities highlight that prior to the ban on new recruitments, the Education Department successfully hired over 58,000 teachers. Among them, more than 18,000 Junior Teachers (GESTs) and over 39,000 Primary School Teachers (PSTs) were recruited. The authorities anticipate the resumption of the re-recruitment process once the judicial ban is lifted.

Future Recruitment Plans: IBA Test Pass Candidates to be Included Until 2025

The authorities reveal that the recruitment process for candidates who have passed the IBA test will persist until 2025. This commitment underscores the department’s dedication to enhancing the teaching workforce and maintaining a rigorous recruitment process.

As the Education Department proactively responds to court orders, the forthcoming recruitment drive for PSTs and JSTs signifies a crucial step towards addressing staffing needs in primary and junior elementary schools across the region.