February 28, 2024

Drop scene of Nazim Jokhio murder case

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Drop scene of Nazim Jokhio murder case

Accused deposited the deyaa money

The accused persons of Nazim Jokhio murder case deposited the deyaa money for four children of the deceased. Nazer District and Sessions Judge Malir submitted the report regarding the deyaa amount.

According to the report, the accused have deposited the dowry money for the four children of the deceased, a cheque of Rs30,58955  (3.58955 million) has been deposited on behalf of the accused. The Nazer also informed the court about the shares of the four children.

The accused Sindh Assembly member Jam Owais was not produced in the court even today, the court had directed to produce Jam Owais on the previous hearing.  The court adjourned the further hearing of the case till November 19.

In November last year, the dead body of Nazim Jokhio was found near Memon Goth in Malir.

He filmed MPA and his foreigner guests hunting Houbara bustard

Nazim Jokhio filmed Pakistan Peoples Party’s MNA Jam Abdul Karim Bijar and foreigners hunting Houbara bustard, an endangered species of migratory bird in in the Thatta district. Jokhio was threatened to remove the video or to face the consequences. According to Jokhio’s brother, he refused to delete the video. Jokhio filmed a video before the night of murder revealing that he shot video of illegal hunting and he is getting death threats.

The family members of the deceased said that the Nazim Jokhio had made the video of the hunting of the guests of People’s Party member Sindh Assembly Jam Owais viral.

After the video surfaced, Jam Owais called Nazim Jokhi to his house in Malir and brutally tortured him to death.

What brother said?

Afzal Jokhio, the brother of the deceased, had alleged that my brother Nazim Jokhio was killed by Jam Owais, a member of the provincial assembly. According to the deceased’s brother, Nazim stopped the foreigners from hunting in the village and took a video, after which Sardar Jam Abdul Karim ordered him the brother (Nazim) to be brought to the Jam House. Nazim’s brother had told that when I went to Jam House after some time, I was told that your brother had died. At first, efforts were made by the police and higher authorities to suppress the matter.

Protests and social media compelled police to lodge FIR

However, after “Justice for Nazim” became a trend on social media and its video went viral, the police had to register a murder case.  However, the police kept waiting for two days and then the member of the provincial assembly, Jam Owais surrendered after protest, intense social media campaign. After which he was remanded for three days on November 5, and later he was also given high facilities in the jail.

The police named 16 people including MNA Jam Abdul Karim in the incident. An 8-member Joint Investigation Team was earlier formed to investigate the incident.

However, the brother of the victim later expressed no confidence in the team, which was formed on November 17, 2021.

On February 8, the Anti-Terrorism Court ordered the investigating officer to submit the final challan to the investigating officer of the case.

On March 2, Nazim Jokhio’s widow Shirin Jokhio filed a case in the Sindh High Court, in which she took the stand that the prosecution was delaying the submission of the final challan.

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Shireen Jokhio wanted to fight the case

On March 30, 2022, suddenly Nazim Jokhio a video statement of the widow appeared on social media, in which she pardoned the main accused Jam Owais and Jam Abdul Kareem. In a video message, Shireen Jokhio said she wanted to fight but had been left “all alone by her own people” adding that she had taken the decision to pardon out of compulsion and for the safety of her children.

In the video statement, Nazim Jokhio’s widow Shireen Jokhio said that she was under force, her family has left her. For the sake of children, she have padoned all the accused. Shireen Jokhio said that she had left the decision to Allah, who supported her. She said “I am grateful to them and through this video I want to tell everyone that I can’t fight anymore.”

Nazim Jokhio children
Nazim Jokhio children

Shireen Jokhio’s affidavit

In the Nazim Jokhio murder case, the lawyers told the court that they will submit the apology letter and agreement in the court soon. After which Nazim Jokhio’s wife Shireen Jokhio submitted the affidavit in the court.

In her affidavit, Shireen Jokhio has said that the incident of her husband’s murder happened by the will of Allah. She was given misleading information about her husband’s murder. Member National Assembly Jam Karim, his brother MPA Jam Owais and others were not involved in the murder of Nazim. Among the other accused, Jamal, Wahid, Abdul Razzaq, Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Ishaq, Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Salim, Dodo Khan and Muhammad Somar are not connected to the murder. “I was given wrong information about the above 11 accused. I have no objection to removing the names of these accused from the Nazim Jokhi murder case.

Meraj, Haider Ali, Niaz Salar are involved in the murder of my husband. My husband was killed as a result of a quarrel with Niaz Salar.

I was given wrong information about the killing initially. The investigation revealed that Karim Jokhio and his associates had no role in the murder. Now I have no claim against Abdul Karim Jokhio. I withdraw from the murder case.

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prime suspect Jam Awais has been staying at a hospital instead of jail

The case and investigation

Later, a letter was written by the Sindh Home Department to the IG Sindh, in which the investigation officer of the case was changed and a competent investigation officer was appointed.

An 8-member joint investigation team headed by SSP Malir was also formed by the Sindh government to investigate the case.

The letter has been written on the recommendation of the Prosecutor General Sindh, according to the Prosecutor General Sindh, the current investigating officer is incompetent and the investigating officer has exceeded his powers. The investigating officer appeared in the anti-terrorism court without the prosecutor, causing embarrassment to the government. However, Sindh Police decided not to change the investigating officer. Police sources said that the investigating officer of the case was made on the insistence of the complainant and the victim’s family and they are satisfied with it.

Therefore, it was decided to keep the same investigating officer of the case.

On April 13, the case challan was presented by the investigating officer of the Nazim Jokhio murder case in the Karachi Anti-Terrorism Administrative Court. The names of 13 accused including Jam Karim, Jam Owais, Muhammad Salim, Muhammad Dodo Khan, Muhammad Somar, Abdul Razzaq, Jamal, Muhammad Miraj, Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Ishaq, Ahmad Khan, Atta Muhammad and Muhammad Zahid.

One accused Niaz was declared absconding in the case, according to the text of the challan, two accused Haider Ali and Mir Ali were arrested in the case, along with the challan, the post-mortem report of the deceased, Punjab Forensic Lab report, DVR, burnt mobile phones of the deceased and other items were included.

Nazim Protests
Protests and social media compelled police to lodge FIR

The names of 31 prosecution witnesses were included in the case.

On April 14, in the anti-terrorism court, regarding the removal of the names of MNA Jam Abdul Karim and Jam Owais from the police challan Nazim Jokhio’s friend and prosecution witness Mazhar Jokhio Advocate filed an application for the assistance of public prosecutor.

It was stated in the application that Judicial Magistrate Malir had ordered to transfer the case to the Anti-Terrorism Court, the court had ordered the police to transfer the challan to the Anti-Terrorism Court, there was no order for re-investigation anywhere in the court order. The investigating officer on his own reinvestigated and prepared a new challan from a new angle. The investigating officer has tried to give benefit the influential accused. The case cannot be compromised after it is transferred to the counter-terrorism court. Deleting the names of the accused by the investigating officer is an illegal act.

It was further pleaded that the case should be tried according to the challan presented before the magistrate.

Nazim Jokhio’s widow alleges Jam Abdul Karim exerting pressure for deal

On April 15, the Anti-Terrorism Court Jail Complex issued notices to the parties on the challan submitted by the police in the Nazim Jokhio murder case. In the anti-terrorism court, a hearing was held regarding police challan.

Qisas and Diyat

However, the police said that after the complainant forgave the accused, their names have been removed from the challan. However, human rights organizations expressed concern over and stated that in our society the law of Qisas and Diyat is also used through “pressure and greed”. Jam Abdul Karim, an accused in the case and member of the National Assembly who came from Dubai to vote for the no-confidence motion against the former Prime Minister Imran Khan, was warmly welcomed on his return home and was also given a reward by the Additional Advocate General which raise many a questions.

Civil society protest

On April 19, civil society and various social organizations protested at the Karachi Press Club against the non-arrest of Nazim Jokhio’s killers. The protesters carried banners and placards demanding the arrest of the killers. Slogans were also raised on this occasion. Civil society and various social organizations protested at the Karachi Press Club against the non-arrest of the killers and the alleged continuous weakening of the case. PILAR chief Karamat Ali while addressing the demonstration said that this is a test for all of us. Nazim’s wife is my daughter from today. I’m with him. Sindh government should be ashamed. Police were also involved in it.

Nazim Jokhio Case: 5 accused fled as court cancelled their bail

Settlement and compromise

Widow of slain Jokhi, Shireen had been complaining even in media about the pressure being mounted her not to pursue the case

Important development has taken place in Nazim Jokhio murder case. A settlement was reached between the parties. The heirs submitted the settlement agreement in the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Malir.

The court ordered to publish an advertisement in the newspaper regarding the legal heirs and ordered NADRA to submit a report in the next hearing.

The heirs submitted an affidavit in the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge Malir in Karachi Malir stating that they have reconciled with the accused and there is no objection in closing the case.

The affidavit was submitted on behalf of Nazim Jokhio’s mother, widow and children. Six accused including PPP Member of Sindh Assembly Jam Owais have been arrested in the case.

“I have four minor children, the court declare me the head of the family,” the widow pleaded to the court.

“We have reached to a compromise with the accused, the court may acquit them,” she said.

On September 11 he victim’s mother turned up before the court and complained that the out-of-court settlement reached with MPA Awais and his brother had not been honoured, adding that she wanted to engage Advocate Mazhar Junejo to plead her case. The judge said she could file a written application through her lawyer to have her grievance redressed.

An additional district and session’s court deferred the indictment of accused Jam Awais in Nazim Jokhio murder case.

PPP MPA Jam Awais, along with his servants, is facing charges of murdering Nazim Jokhio, was not produced before a sessions court for a fifth consecutive hearing by jail authorities.

Media reported that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MPA Jam Awais, the prime suspect in Nazim Jokhio murder case, has been staying at a hospital instead of jail for the past several months.