Tried to find a way for elections through negotiations, Arif Alvi says

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Supreme Court Petition Seeks Removal of President Alvi

President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi has said that he tried to find a way for the elections through negotiations, but neither the negotiations were successful nor there was any solution to the elections.

The President said that Imran Khan is an old friend and leader, but he does not do things on his advice.

Arif Alvi did not answer any questions regarding the appointment of the Army Chief during a meeting with journalists at Governor House Lahore.

He said that the constitution does not allow consultation on the appointment of the army chief, if consultation is done there is no harm.

He said that there was no solution to the elections in the negotiations, the institutions are not weak, but they need to be improved.

Dr. Arif Alvi also said that it is sad to see the current political situation of the country, whatever happens in these situations will be according to the constitution.

He said that it is better if the elections are held soon, the institutions which are effective in improving the affairs are also being discussed with them.

The President said that there should be dialogue for the stability of democratic institutions.

He said that my effort regarding the federation is to have unity and not make things worse, I am trying to make things better between Imran Khan and the establishment.