Changed world demands Career Counseling for youth

Blogger Nehal Fatima Arbab

Science and technology has changed not only physical world, but also changed the thought and social sciences. What was good to study two decades back, today have become redundant, with no scope. Jobs and their nature has changed, so also scope.

Studies reveal that selection of career should be according to the aptitude of student. And later, he, or she should be facilitated, educated and trained accordingly. This is aptitude that become motivation for further studies and pursuing job.

Selection of right career and so also career counseling is a group of counselors who give advice to their clients to guide them through the career they’ve chosen for themselves. Career counseling is a considerable help in today’s world. Learners are aimless, least focused and trivial motivated towards their future.

After graduating from universities students go through some rough time to choose a path for their future and set a goal towards their career. Some students are under peers on by their family, relatives or media pressure. Once choosing a career students are confused with the job opportunity in the field they’ve chosen for themselves. Career counseling is much needed at that time to guide correctly through student’s grades and interests and by taking a survey to know where the student stands perfectly for its career.

Lack of direction is a reason behind dropout ratios. Pakistan remains one of the elevated ratios of dropouts in the world. Limited motivation is the fundamental reason behind the rising ratio of dropouts.

Students got into colleges and universities with high hopes but very soon they learn the truth about it isn’t susceptible to succeed or to conform to their dreams. They give up easily on their grades and hard-working just because of less motivation, which induces a lack of interest.

The emphasis of career counseling helps students to gather the information regarding their interests and stamina to rectify the complication of studies via survey, which includes different types of psychological questions to understand the psyche of a students brain, then they imply students a better university and subject to proceed their higher degree and stay concentrated all the years a degree required.

Career development is not based on a single decision of choosing a field or major you are going to clasp, rather, it is based on the different curiosities, economic significance, and the numerous options that will mold your future, overseeing towards different career paths.

In Pakistan only a few schools, colleges, and universities are empowering their professional guidance right before the entrance and after graduating, so that student might understand what path he should take subsequent.

It is a duty of a career counselor to guide the students or other clients with each and every fact about the career they are preferring for their selves. All the pros and cons should be clear in their eye, so they can further decide for themselves.

Career counselors are forbidden to force anything on the client. Their duty is to provide all the information with truth and motivate them with facts towards the career which prevails chosen best for them but they can’t force them to choose what they are suggesting. Every client and student has the full right to take determinations by themselves.

Pakistan’s probability of dropouts could be only curtailed, it the career counseling became the need for every student. Occasionally it’s hard to find the enthusiasm inside the human being, but a slight crusade towards something might enable to reveal the element the one is valuable at.

Writer is student of Media & Communication Studies, University of Sindh