Afghan Central Bank’s head tells story of Kabul fall

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Afghan Central Bank’s head tells story of Kabul fall

Afghan Central Bank’s head tells story of Kabul fall

Ajmal Ahmadi, the head of Afghanistan’s central bank, says the country’s government was overthrown so quickly that it was difficult to understand. He cannot forgive Ashraf Ghani for not planning a transfer of power.

The ever-changing situation in Afghanistan has taken the world by surprise. Even high-ranking government officials in Afghanistan themselves have not been able to assess the situation accurately.

“On Thursday, I attended the meetings as usual. Ghazni fell in the morning. By the time I left home, Herat, Kandahar and Badghis had also fallen to the Taliban,” he said.

Ajmal Ahmadi said that most of the rural areas had fallen to the Taliban several months ago, but the Taliban first took control of the provincial capital nine days ago. Went under the control of

He said many rumors said that the Taliban had been ordered “from above” not to resist, but it was difficult to believe, but it was doubtful why the Afghan National Security Forces had vacated the posts so quickly. There was something hidden.

Ajmal Ahmadi said on Friday that he had been told over the phone that the shipment of dollars would not be received due to the deteriorating security situation. Tried to reassure the changers, I can’t believe it was the day Kabul lost the next day.

“On Saturday, my family told me that almost all the government figures had left the country and that I was just a fool. I was upset and cautiously bought a ticket for Monday. I started work on Sunday, but the news is coming,” he said. She was constantly adding to the anxiety. I left the bank. It was horrible to leave the employees like this, but still I reached the airport where other personalities were also present. 

The head of the Central Bank of Afghanistan said that the second vice president Danish was also leaving the country for Qatar, ministers and other personalities were waiting for the flights of private airlines, but the flights were canceled, I managed to book a flight of another private airline. But then the throne fell and the president left the country.  

Ajmal Ahmadi said that he knew that the flight would be canceled and there would be chaos everywhere. As expected, the personnel and soldiers left the posts. Everyone ran towards the plane. 300 people boarded the 100-seat plane. He decided to get off the plane and saw a military plane surrounded by people. 

“Citizens wanted to board the plane but the guards kept them away. There was a lot of rush. There were gunshots but my close associates somehow got me on board. This should not have been the case,” he said. The lack of planning on the part of the leadership felt bad.

Ajmal Ahmadi said that I contacted the Presidential Palace and asked what the plan was to leave, but after 7 years of service, I got only silence in response.

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