Afghans & foreigners wishing to depart Afghanistan be allowed to leave: asks US

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Afghans & foreigners wishing to leave Afghanistan be allowed to leave

16,Aug 2021 – Monitoring Desk

The US says saying that Afghans and foreigners wishing to leave Afghanistan should be allowed to leave.

Sixty-five countries, including the United States and its allies, have signed a joint statement on the current situation in Afghanistan.

The State Department issued a statement signed by the allies, saying that Afghans and foreigners wishing to leave Afghanistan should be allowed to leave.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement that those responsible for the protection of human life have power and authority in Afghanistan.

War in Afghanistan is over: Taliban

Mohammad Naeem, spokesman for the Taliban political office, said that the war in Afghanistan was over, the Taliban had reaped the fruits of 20 years of struggle and sacrifices, and the shape of the new system of government in Afghanistan would soon become clear.

A spokesman for the Taliban’s political office said that no one would be allowed to use Afghan soil against anyone, adding that the Taliban would not interfere in the affairs of any other country and wanted no other country to interfere in our affairs.

Hopefully, foreign forces will not repeat their failed experiments in Afghanistan.

US embassy in Kabul closed

The US embassy in Kabul has been closed.The US embassy has asked Americans wishing to leave Kabul to register online. On the other hand, according to NATO, all commercial flights from Kabul Airport have been suspended, only military aircraft will be allowed to fly from Kabul Airport.

Turkish Airlines flight

The Turkish Airlines flight to Kabul to evacuate its citizens and foreigners stranded in Afghanistan had to wait 40 minutes in the air for landing.

Flight TK706 entered Afghanistan’s airspace at 6:30 a.m. local time. The Boeing 777 continued to hover in the air for 40 minutes west of Kabul when it was not immediately allowed to land at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. After receiving clearance from the airport authorities, the Turkish plane landed at 7.45 am local time.


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