Biden advised Ghani to negotiate with Taliban

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Biden advised Ghani to negotiate with Taliban

US President Joe Biden has said he advised Ashraf Ghani to negotiate with the Taliban, but he flatly refused, saying the Afghan army would fight the Taliban.

In a keynote briefing on the situation in Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden said that Ashraf Ghani had obviously gone wrong, that Afghan leaders had given up and fled the country.

“We gave everything to the Afghan army but could not give them the courage to

The US President once again warned the Taliban that if they obstructed the US evacuation plan, the US response would be immediate and we would defend our people with destructive force. 

He explained the reasons for the failure of the former Afghan government, saying that the Afghan leadership had failed to negotiate for the sake of their country.

US President Joe Biden also spoke openly about the former Afghan government’s military defeat, saying “we paid the Afghan army, equipped it with air power, but did not give them the courage to fight.” 

He reiterated that he was not ashamed of the decision to withdraw US troops.

The US President also said that reducing the threat of terrorism for the US was the US mission, changing the centuries-old history of Afghanistan was not our mission.