5 brothers attacked in Karachi, 2 killed, 2 seriously injured


5 brothers attacked in Karachi, 2 killed, 2 seriously injured

KARACHI, May 30,2024: 2 brothers were killed in a target killing incident in Karachi’s Jamshed quarter early in the morning. According to the police, the incident was a result of enmity.

According to SP Jamshed Quarter Alina Rajpar, the accused on motorcycles fired at a black car near Guru Mandir Chowk.

They say that the accused fired indiscriminately at the car from two sides, as a result of which the two brothers in the car, Wajid Aurangzeb and Shan Aurangzeb, were seriously injured.
SP Alina Rajpar said that  5 brothers were in the car, out of which 2 died and 2 were seriously injured. Barely survived the attack.

He has said that the incident is the result of target killing, 18 shells of 9M pistol have been recovered from the scene, while almost as many bullet marks have been found on the car.

According to police sources, the firing on the car was allegedly done due to enmity, the deceased belonged to a well-known ice cream shop.

According to the police, the five brothers were targeted while going to the city court for an appearance.

Senior Superintendent of Police East Farrukh Raza has said that the enmity of the victims has been going on since a murder incident with another party.

The brother of the deceased is allegedly involved in the murder of the other party, but the police are investigating further.