18000 people evacuated from Kabul in first 5 days

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18000 people evacuated from Kabul in first 5 days

As many as 18,000 people have been evacuated from the capital’s Kabul airport, iIn the last five days since the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

The figures were released by a NATO official in a statement to the media. The NATO official added that there was a rush of citizens at all the gates of Kabul Airport.

NATO officials have also said they intend to double the evacuation from Kabul airport over the weekend.

On the other hand, NATO and Taliban officials have said that 12 people have been killed inside and around Kabul airport since Sunday.

According to a Taliban official, the deaths at Kabul airport were caused by shootings or stampedes.

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Women to be taken on official positions

Afghan Taliban officials said women have also been consulted and are likely to be offered positions, An Afghan Taliban official said in a statement.

Talks are ongoing between Taliban leaders and former Afghan government leaders. A Taliban official said some former officials in the new Afghan government would also be given positions.

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Ahmad Shah Masood announces resistance

Ahmed Masood, the son of the late Afghan leader Ahmad Shah Masood, has declared resistance to the Taliban.


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