Youth drowns in Karachi Canal at Jamshoro

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Youth drowns in Karachi Canal at Jamshoro

HYDERABAD Aug 20,2021- A youth drowned in Karachi Wah at Al Manzar, Jamshoro on Friday.

Police said that Abdul Razzaq Nehru, 30, came here to visit his friends and they were swimming when he lost balance and drowned in Kalri Baghar Feeder popularly known Karachi Wah at Jamshoro Barrage site.

Divers were called, but body was not retrieved after passage of 12 hours.

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The location of Indus River at Kotri barrage and start of the K.B Feeder is scenic and attracts tourists. Many people from Hyderabad, Jamshoro and other areas use to visit it.

At this location drowning incidents happen, but no official arrangement is made to rescue the people.

In April 2021, four friends drowned while swimming in the canal.

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