Elder son of G M Syed Amir Haider Shah passes away

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Elder son of G M Syed Amir Haider Shah passes away

JAMSHORO: Aug 20,2021 – Syed Amir Haider Shah elder son of nationalist leader G. M Syed passed away.  He was 89.

Amir Haider Shah was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Karachi due to corona. Funeral prayers will be offered in his native village Sun.

The role of Amir Haider Shah remained prominent in the politics of Sindh. The late Amir Haider Shah was a former member of the National Assembly.

Amir Haider Shah was born in 1933. He studied for some time with his younger brother Syed Imdad Muhammad Shah in Karachi under the supervision of Allama I. I. Qazi. After completing his Matriculation he went to England. But could not completed his studies and returned home.

His started his political career in 1961, when he was elected chairman of Union council Sann during Ayub Khan’s Basic Democracy system.

In 1965, under General Ayub Khan’s government, he defeated Raees Abdul Hamid Jatoi and was elected member of the National Assembly from Dadu district constituency.

In the first term of Nawaz Sharif, Amir Haider Shah was elected as an independent candidate in the Sindh Provincial Assembly.

He supported his nephew Jalal Mehmood Shah in the by-elections, who defeated Syed Abdullah Shah, the strongest candidate of PPP and former Chief Minister of Sindh in his constituency. Later Jalal Mehmood Shah was elected the Deputy Speaker of the Sindh Assembly.

Amir Haider Shah was known for holding panchayt in the area and resolve local disputes. He had good relations with the influential people of the District Dadu. Many times he helped to recover the abducted people from the dacoits.

His father was a Sufi, but Amir Haider Shah opted Shia school of thought and used to hold majlis during the month of Mohrram.

One of his son is a pilot in PIA, the other is a doctor, and the other two sons manage the land with their father.